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From NEON we want to leave a trace on the planet and differentiate ourselves, not only because it is a brand for all kinds of women, regardless of its measures, but also for caring and preserving the environment, people and future generations.

Our commitment is to design, produce and create women's sportswear, under sustainable development parameters and ethical production and values. Working with the objective of a continuous improvement, to learn and grow day after day.


Our production is proximity and 100% local. We join to support small businesses and the textile industry at the national level.

We share the philosophy of sustainable design, responsible and respectful with the environment and we work, through different processes and finishes, to reduce the impact on it.

All our tissues are produced and manufactured in the EU, the dyes and prints are organic and the finishes, as well as the packing bags, are biodegradable.



We manufacture our garments from an ethical fashion perspective, consciously, sincere and transparently. We are committed to developing a fair and worthy work for our employees and to improve the life condition of society and the environment in which we live.

Our suppliers are proximity, with local workshops that share our values ​​and philosophy. We work with production standards and follow-up programs that help us guarantee the quality and safety of our garments and reduce its environmental impact.

The tissues and materials with which we produce are of first quality, we have Lycra certificates, which allow us an absolute performance of the garments to practice all types of extreme sport and high mobility. These also have sunscreen (50 UPF) to ensure a safe exercise for our skin.


We bet on an ecological stamping of all garments, minimizing the environmental impact and is characterized by its great resistance and durability. As for our packaging, the bags we use are biodegradable and have 2 years of durability.

All our garments go through an ironing process and cartons are used so that the garment has a body. This also finishes part of our packaging.

Our purpose is to improve day after day and pose a more sustainable labeling of each to a near future.


We create and design all the models we sell and take into account until the slightest and last detail, both in patterns and trend.

We have always opted for a unique and full style of color where comfort, style and quality are the most outstanding values ​​by all our clients.

Neox designs seek to shine at all kinds of woman, here comes our motto Be Real Be Neon. With each new model, we work the sample from the XS to the XL, we perform size tests in all our collections, achieving that each size is adjusted to the measures of the real bodies.

We invite you to be part of our models tests to be able to improve in all our designs by sending an email by clicking on: