Hello everyone, I am Natalia and I am writing this to tell you my experience with the hope of being able to help even a little bit of someone.


Why do I think positive attitude is essential in our life?

Because I have lived it in the first person. I have always been a person happy and positive But for ten months I know I'm also strong and fighter.


In July of last year, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer with metastasis in the liver. It was very hard, but I did not let myself be abatir, from the first moment I faced everything that came, evidence, chemo, more evidence, radio, more evidence ... With a smile, with strength, with confidence, an attitude that really came out of heart. I'm not going to deny that there have been difficult times, but thinking about positive has always helped me overcome those moments.

Those who have been by my side know that most moments of tears have finished in laughter remembering something good or fun.


That positive attitude has made people act with me in a much more natural way, without showing a pity and without making me feel sick, of course, worried about how I am. But how are you not going to feel positive if I talk to you and tell you my battles with a smile?


On the other hand, what do we gain denying what is emphasizing or locating us to cry? ...ANY. But neither with cancer nor with nothing in this life.


Things only change when you struggle, but when you do it positively without focusing on what you lose but in what you have to win.


In fact I managed to keep the mood when I heard the best researcher about pancreatic cancer in Spain say that the percentage of survival of this type of cancer was anecdotal. Yes? Well, I'll have to become an anecdote. And the truth is that I am getting it, in fact the pancreas is already clean and my upcoming victims are both, of many that I had, metastasis of the liver.


Someone told me that everything in life is an opportunity and even the bad thing that happens to you can be. In my case an opportunity to value, more if it is, my partner and my family that are the most!, To see and know how much I want and my friends want me, to rediscover with people, who although they were in my head and in My heart, I no longer had contact ... to realize the value of a real embrace.

HEY! Now with the confinement there are many people who have lost their positive attitude and that can not be! It's hard, it's hard, I know, we miss many things: hugs, talks, dinners ... but we have to be strong, sooner or later it will end up and we have to try to get something positive, we can not complain about everything, of What is it for?

Take it as an opportunity.

So that? For whatever you want as long as you leave it better ... Best Mother, Best Sportsman, Best Cook ... Best Person.

Throughout this bustle compacted in 10 months I have had time to make my project. A beneficial project in favor of the fight against pancreatic cancer.

I invite you to visit my project:Natalia's ProjectAnd there you can know me a little more and if you feel like ... add smiles with me!


P.S: If life gives you lemons, beam lemonade!

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