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Changes in habits

Hi! How are you? I am going to talk to you a little about me and the experiences that have made change my life!

My name is Lidia, I'm from Barcelona and I've recently turned 23 years old. I am finishing my double degree in Business Administration and Management and Marketing, and I work as Marketing Strategist in Neontyle. One last!

It will be a few months, I returned from the most incredible experience of my life! I spent 6 months living and studying in Rome, where I first index and I met wonderful people. This opportunity also allowed me to be able to travel enough and know other cities where I had never been.

Once I went back to normal, it cost me to adapt myself again and although it was surrounded by the people who most wanted, I realized that I did not feel comfortable with myself.

Suddenly… State of alarm ... confined at home ...


Another more experience! I started the quarantine by changing habits, eating very healthy and doing sports daily. He was super motivated the first few days, putting a lot of cane to my body and this at the end happens bill, since after 2 weeks I ended up injuring the knee.

This was added that the motivation was decreasing, I did not see results and bored me healthy because it always came to the same food. It was time to reorganize the challenge and let my body rest a little bit. It was the moment I remember most of all the quarantine!

Everything changed when by my birthday they gave me a book of Carla Zaplana, "Come clean., which gives many tips and recipes in terms of food to gain health and vitality. At the same time, I followed routines of training @ffitcoco, the account of Cocó Constan.S, with a variety of exercises and also prepare some varied and delicious dishes !!! I recommend 100% the book and this account.

What do I mean by all this monologue?

I want to remember that in front of obstacles, you take the positive side of things! Maybe you do not see results at the beginning or it costs a little more, but I'm sure that if you mark a challenge, you'll get it!

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