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I finally decided! I've been fighting all life fighting my curls ... Yes permanent Japanese ... Nutritious Keratins ... Everything to hide the real #curlygirl that I have inside.

I have always liked the changes in look, it is a way to discover a new version of yourself. The most fun of this change is that it does not leave anyone indifferent, everyone gives their opinion and finds me some resemblance:

You are the Tune Turner!

You go in the style of Sandy (Greese)!

How Mola Vas de Fame!

But the best resemblance of all is the one who released my husband to see me in full boom of my curls:

Go look at the Valderrama!

It is clear that this look loves women more;)

Come Girls Do you write down to Curly?

For all that you want to pass to the Curly Hair I recommend my favorite cocunat brand product, because it is a 100% natural brand based on vegetable and essential oils, these are the links:

Booster of curls Gel Define of curls

It is a gel for curly hair that defines the curl and causes hair not to curl thanks to its vegetable oils that give a super natural texture. For me it was all a discovery since traditional foams had never given me good results.

Now they have taken the Pack curls cocunat in 3 steps That came to me last week and I'm testing it. The important thing is to follow the steps:

1st the BOOSTER

2nd the SERUM

3rd the SPRAY

In my case I like to apply the BOOSTER with very wet hair, letting it dry naturally with the applied product. Depending on the day I give a touch of diffuser and I put the SERUM and the SPRAY to finish fixing the curl and then the result is ¡SENSATIONAL!

For all who you want advice or throw to curly hair do not hesitate to comment it and I will be happy to respond.

By the way, I better presented myself

They are the things of the direct! Hahaha

For those who do not know me, I'm Carme along with NEON's Alexandra, co-founders.

At my 43 years I have an incredible husband, a daughter full of energy, a great family with whom I can always count and a lot of friends, so I feel very lucky.

I love paddle and try to combine it with the gym, to be fit and flying to look for any ball!


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